Make Your Hashtag Matter

Hashtags might be the best thing to have ever happened for branding. If used correctly... it is literally free advertisement that can potentially help you reach thousands of people.


Let's talk hashtagging on Instagram.

If your brand can create a tag that begins to trend on the gram... you're in. Unfortunately, trending is the hardest part. Because hashtags are SO widely used by everyone on social media with their #photooftheday #ootd & #selfie tags... it is realllllly easy to get lost in the crowd.

So, how do we create a hashtag that will break through the rest, gain your brand followers, and show off what you got?

Let’s take a look at some great examples:

1. #ShareACoke

Obviously, Coca-Cola is a universally known brand so if they create a social media campaign, it will take off. But, why was this specific campaign so well done?

It created customer interaction all over the world. People NEED to feel a part of things, and Coca-Cola presented this campaign as a "gathering of friends" rather than a "buy our product" idea.

2. #letsbefrank

Franks body scrub created this hashtag and posted an entire instruction page on how to take the perfect selfie with their scrub. They did a few good moves with this campaign.

First thing is empowerment. We looooove empowerment. They encourage their customers to flaunt their selfies. This took away the bad stigma that comes with selfies because the brand told them to do it... so it's acceptable!

They also connected this hashtag to their website and created numerous blog posts giving advice for women. This helped create a little #letsbefrank community.


The stunning ladies at A Bikini A Day actually kill the social media game. This hashtag is part of their "contest" where they give away bikinis. What better way to gain followers than to Oprah out free bikinis?

The rad duo- Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman- come up with fun ideas like "post a pic with your bestie and tell us why you deserve bikinis." This also builds their following as they make it a rule to follow their accounts in order to enter the contest. People get excited to do this because hello, free bikinis. This is not a one-time thing, they continually post contests and use the same hashtag.

SO, let's look at BIGGEST common theme here: all of these hashtags are unique to the brand. If you search their hashtags, you typically won’t find random photos because they aren't generic tags that get lost in the millions of people trying to gain followers.

It is all about coming up with something unique, memorable, and creating fun ways to make people want to actually use that hashtag. & BOOM, free advertisement.

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