Let's Get Visual

The importance of visual communication in today’s world is huge. (Can anyone say huge without pronouncing it yyuuuuge anymore??) 

Anyways, over 67% of the United States population is active on social media.

Meaning over 213,060,000 humans are constantly scrolling through Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest etc. So keeping your social media game strong is key (insert inspirational quote from DJ Khaled). 

Your social accounts needs to stand out to your audience so that you catch their attention and make them want more. 

Here are a few basic steps to get you going in the right direction: 

1. Please them - aesthetically

    Walk into any coffee shop and you can be sure to hear someone with their phone out saying “The aesthetics in here are great.” Aesthetics have become the new thing for social media - especially Instagram - your photo feed needs to go together in some sort of way. Whether you have a distinct pattern or choose colors that represent your brand well, make sure that your feed coincides with each other. This way, when people are mindlessly scrolling through their apps after a long day - they'll be able to differentiate your posts from the rest.

2.  Create compelling captions

    Because today’s society is all about visual components, it is difficult to come up with a caption that will make people want to read what you have to say. There needs to be a balance of “short enough to keep attention” and “long enough to get your point across.” Depending on your business and the tone of voice you have decided to represent your brand, you can create captions that are witty, endearing, deep, funny, really anything.  Focus on making your caption represent who your company is and include something that makes your followers remember what exactly it is they just looked at.

3. Keep the mystery going 

    There’s something about a little mystery that keeps people wanting more. This is sooo true for social media. When my favorite blogger posts a reeeaaalllyyy cute outfit on her instagram and then says “for details on my outfit, click the link in my bio.” You better believe I’m clicking that link. Which brings me to her website which causes me to read her blog and then 20 minutes later I’m reading about her Christmas dinner in 2013. SO it works people!! Keep your social media posts short & sweet and drive traffic to your website.

Here are some great brands that have wonderfully pleasing social channels:

ACACIA SWIMWEAR : This insta feed is beautiful. While there is no distinct "pattern," the colors all go together. & their captions are great. 


DOMINO MAGAZINE : Domino Magazine keeps their Twitter clean and concise while consistently drawing people to their website. 


FRANKIES BIKINIS : They are doing a great job of using Facebook as their medium between their online store & their social promotion. You can clearly see they sell bikinis, but you also feel like you're looking at someone's exotic vacation that you wish you were invited to.