Gimme Gimme I'm Worth It

Just because everyone's favorite girl band of all time is no longer together (RIP Fifth Harmony) does NOT mean that we should stop listening to their lyrical genius words of wisdom. 

Knowing your worth is one of the easiest pieces of advice to tell people – yet the hardest to follow. Whether dealing with stupid boys, being treated properly at work, or getting paid enough, it is SO important to understand what you deserve.  

Why is this so hard? I constantly find myself telling friends and family, "you deserve better" "you work so hard, go ask for a raise" "Ask for a promotion! The worst they can say is no"…etc. 

Side thought- I wonder if Ryan Gosling ever questions his worth? I love him. Anyways....

Side thought- I wonder if Ryan Gosling ever questions his worth? I love him. Anyways....

Basically, I know that it's easier said than done – clearly. But for anyone wanting to thrive in their career (and actually be happy) you gotta figure it out.   

Something that really helped me was advice that Jennifer Jaden, founder of Society Gal, gave when discussing how to decide what to charge for your services. She said,  

"Most of us are undercharging and it can ruin it for everyone. 
You'll end up burnt out if you keep it up!" 

I think the reason this stuck is because she made it not about me. I understood this to mean if you can't recognize what you deserve, your lack of confidence will screw it up for everyone else so DON'T BE THAT PERSON.  

Long story short, if you refuse to realize how awesome you are – fake it so that it doesn't effect everyone else's confidence. Eventually you'll start believing it yourself.  

Key things to remember:  

  • You are great.  

  • You can do it. 

  • You are worth whatever you think you're worth & MORE.  

  • Stop settling or your passion will no longer be your passion.